Awareness and Solution for common problems, Benefits of Yoga and Pranayam.

Simple and natural Health Tips, Healthy Life Style

Everybody wants to never have any disease and always be disease free because any disease causes your money, health, happiness, peace to end, so we all have our daily routine, food and drink as per rules, there will be many people among us who do not know that all of us have such common diseases due to our wrong habit, therefore we should all do all the work according to the rules given in Ayurveda So that you can stay away from diseases and always be healthy.

  1. You should wake up before sunrise in the morning, it will make you feel refreshed throughout the day and it will also have a good effect on your health.
  2. Drink water kept in a copper vessel after waking up in the morning, drinking the water of a copper vessel eliminates diseases related to the stomach, not everyone knows the way to drink water, so it is very important to tell the way of drinking water - Drink water always slowly like you drink lukewarm milk.
  3. Do yoga meditation and exercise, your body will be flexible with yoga and exercise, you will be free from many diseases and the immune system will be strong, by meditation you will keep your anger under control.
  4. Never drink tea or coffee on an empty stomach in the morning
  5. Healthy Breakfast - Soaked Almond, Raisin (Kismis), Banana Banana Pomegranate Date Milk contains all the nutritional elements that make your body healthy and energetic.
  6. Never include spicy foods in your breakfast.
  7. Fruits and vegetables are the most important foods for health,it gives us iron vitamins, minerals fibre etc. We should eat seasonable fruits and juice a day, a glass of fresh fruit juice at breakfast and a good portion of different vegetables at each meal.
    Fruits & Vegetable
  8. Have healthy lunch and dinner, lunch should always be done by 10 o'clock so that you can get energy throughout the day, avoid eating fast-food, spicy and fried things, include yogurt and shalad in lunch.
  9. Do not talk while eating
  10. Avoid saying cigarette alcohol, Pan Masala, it can cause fatal diseases like cancer as well as other diseases.
    No smoking
  11. Dinner should be lightened because overeating causes trouble in digestion, water should not be drunk immediately after meals and walk for 10-15 minutes at work.
  12. Should sleep 1 to 2 hours after meal.

By following the above rules correctly, you can avoid many diseases.


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Awareness and Solution for common problems, Benefits of Yoga and Pranayam.

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