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Right way to drink water, Drink water properly and stay healthy

We all know how much water matters in our lives. Without water, all of us lives are not possible, we all drink water but there will be many people who drink water wrongly, so today we will know When, how, how much and how much water should be drunk.

We should drink 8-10 Glass  of water in a day.

How to drink water
Right way to drink Water

  1. First you should sit and then after drink the water.
  2. Water should always be drunk slowly and sip.
  3. Always drink lukewarm or normal temperature water, do not drink cold water from fridge.

Drink two glasses of water after waking up in the morning, the water kept in a copper vessel is more beneficial for the stomach, drinking water in the morning removes toxins from the body and cleanses the body properly, also relieves in constipation.

Benefits of drinking copper pot water

  1. Water kept in a copper vessel - Protects you from disease-causing bacteria and helps to keep you completely healthy.
It keeps the liver and kidney healthy and the water kept in a copper vessel is beneficial in dealing with many type of infection.
  1. Makes the heart healthy, which keeps blood pressure under control and reduces bad cholesterol. Apart from this, it also reduces the risk of heart attack.
  2. It helps to overcome complaints of Vata, Pitta and Kapha.
  3. Copper water is very beneficial in all types of stomach problems, water stored in a daily copper vessel can relieve problems like gas, acidity, constipation.

What is the right time to drink water while Eating

  1. Always do not drink water immediately before eating as it weakens the digestive system and causes problems in digestion of food, so there should be a gap of at least one to one and a half hours between drinking water and eating food.
  2. Never drink water even after the phase of eating, because drinking water immediately has an effect on the fire of digesting food due to which the food does not get five properly and causes problems of acidity, constipation, gas etc., so immediately after the meal 2- Drink 3 sips of water and after an hour you can drink water after filling your stomach.

Disadvantages of standing and drinking water

  1. Drinking water while standing can cause diseases of liver, bladder etc.
  2. Thirst does not calm down completely by drinking water while standing, so sit comfortably and drink sip water
  3. The body does not get all the nutrients by drinking water while standing.
    Wrong drinking water Habit


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Awareness and Solution for common problems, Benefits of Yoga and Pranayam.

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