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How to remove dark circles under eyes

 Remedy to remove dark circles of Eyes

People waste their money in a lot of medicines, creams, etc. to remove the dark circles of the eyes, but this does not have any special effect on the dark circle, so today we will talk about some remedies which will help to remove the dark circle with little or no expense.

Dark Circle under eye

Cause of dark circles

In today's life, we do not pay attention to routine, we do not do any work according to the rules and we do not have the right way of living nor the right food, due to which our body is not getting proper nutrition. 

The main causes of dark circles are as follows

  1. Computer or mobile use
  2. Lack of proper routine
  3. Tension tension
  4. Not taking proper diet
  5. Genetic
  6. Not getting enough sleep
  7. Fatigue
  8. Iron deficiency
  9. Excess alcohol or smoking
  10. Unbalanced hormones

Due to the reasons given above, there are dark circles, so if we escape from all these reasons then we will also avoid black circles.

Remedy to remove dark Eye circles

1 - Almond oil -  Almond oil contains Vitamin-E which reduces dark circles of the eyes. Apply it on dark circles before sleeping at night and clear your face in the morning, this will benefit you.

2 - Coconut Oil - Before going to bed, massage coconut eyes lightly in your hands before sleeping. Use it for a few days, it will also benefit you.

3 - Tomato Juice -  Tomato juice is the best way to remove dark circles, tomato juice naturally eliminates dark circles, Mix a few drops of lemon juice in tomato juice and rub it on the dark circles, it will help you as soon as possible.


4 - Remove the dark circles from Aloe-Vera - Aloe-Vera is known by many other names. Most people will find it in their home because it is used extensively, it is used to remove many diseases, it is also used to remove dark circles, apply aloe-Vera gel on dark circles and massage slowly with the finger, do it before bedtime so that it has its effect throughout the night, use it for a few days will definitely benefit.


5 - Orange peel - Dry the orange peel in sunlight and make a powder, add some rose water in orange peel powder and make a paste, apply it on a dark circle, you will definitely see the difference in few days.


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Awareness and Solution for common problems, Benefits of Yoga and Pranayam.

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