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Effective Ayurveda Treatment of Dengue Fever, Dengue Fever, Dengue Fever Treatment

Effective Ayurvedic treatment of dengue fever


By Tinospora curdifolia (Giloy):

Giloy Ghan Vati

 Intake method - Take two tablets of Tinospora curdifolia (Giloy) with water in the morning and two tablets in the evening, you will get benefit from it.

All of us should start taking it before the fever season, so that dengue or any other fever does not occur, using it will strengthen your immune system so that you can avoid many sari diseases, its No side effects.

You can avoid dengue and other types of fever by using (Giloy) Tinospora curdifolia Juice:

Intake method - Take 4 table spoon Tinospora curdifolia (Giloy) Juice and with same amount of water mixed and drink it.

Treatment by Fresh Tinospora curdifolia(Giloy):

Tinospora curdifolia stem
Tinospora curdifolia

If you have a Tinospora curdifolia (Giloy) tree, take small 5-6 pieces of Tinospora curdifolia stem and crush it like ginger and put it in a glass of water in the evening and filter it in the morning and drink it. you will not get any kind of fever.

Treatment with Papaya Leaf Juice:

Papaya Leaf
Papaya Tree

 Papaya leaf juice is very effective for dengue fever, platelets in dengue fever suddenly start to come down, papaya leaf juice increases platelets very fast so it is very useful in dengue fever

Intake method - Take the papaya leaf and take out a cup of its juice and if possible, add a teaspoon of basil leaf juice and drink it in the morning and evening, you will benefit immensely.


By Parijat-Harsingar Decotion Treatment:

Parijat Harsingar (Night jasmine)
Night jasmine

Treatment with Decoction of Night jasmine(Harsingar) - Decoction of Night jasmine (Harsingar) also benefits in dengue fever:


Method of making the Decoction - Take 10 Night jasmine (Harsinhar leaves), 5 black pepper, 7-8 basil leaves and mix all of them in 1 liter of water and boil it on low flame and  close the flame after remaining 1/4 part of portion of Decoction, keep it cool . Give 3 teaspoons to the patient every hour.




************** This whole method is very effective to avoid dengue fever and has no side effects, so use it immediately after getting fever and avoid going to the doctor and wasting your precious money, Giloy should always be consumed. Because Giloy boosts the immune system and will have to maintain its immune system strong to avoid dangerous diseases like corona in today's life, it is very important to consume Giloy***********


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Awareness and Solution for common problems, Benefits of Yoga and Pranayam.

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