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Arthritis treatment by home remedies

Treatment  of arthritis

Arthritis is a disease associated with gout in which pain and swelling occurs in the hands and legs of the patient, Arthritis is of two types, 1- Osteoarthritis 2- Rheumatoid arthritis.

it can be by wrong diet , obesity, irregular lifestyle, it is taking the elderly children and young people in its grip, arthritis has the most effect on the joints of bones, it causes pain stiffness etc.


How to diagnose arthritis:

For this, you will have to get tested if uric acid level in the blood is high, then it means that the person is suffering from Arthritis.


How to avoid arthritis:

1. Keep consulting the doctor regularly.

2. Avoid being overweight.

3. Take your food and drink as per doctor's advice.

4. Take your medicine from time to time.

5. Take a shower with lukewarm water.


Home remedies for Arthritis:

1: Treatment by fenugreek seeds - Put a teaspoon of fenugreek seeds in a glass of water and soak it overnight, free from regular activity in the morning and chew the fenugreek seeds very well and drink sip of the same water and Meditation always drink while sitting and drinking water.

Fenugreek with leaf in spoon on board

2: Through Night Jasmine Leaf (Harsingar leaf) - Boil 6-8 leaves of Harsingar in a glass of water, boil the foil so that it is reduced to half and the patient should drink it every morning in the morning, the old patient should drink it continuously for 90-85 days.


4 : Massaging castor oil also relieves the pain of arthritis.

Castor oil

5: Stomach should remain clean.


Note - No effective treatment of arthritis is in Allopathy   treatment, so please avoid wasting your money in allopathy treatment.

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Awareness and Solution for common problems, Benefits of Yoga and Pranayam.

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